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Retrieved 6 June 2018. This led to their decision to develop characters whose actions are not entirely good or evil. Vikram Vedha Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Released 18 June 2017 Length 28: 09 Language Sam C. At last, a movie on IMDb that stands to its hype.

vikram vedha tamil movie songs
You listen to him. Retrieved 11 June 2018. But he never had a thought that even his cop friends could have done that for the sake of money. Vikram realises the unarmed person he shot was Puli, based on the mark in his sincere. You can see some minute directorial brilliance through out the movie. The story tellers or the grannies are enamoring and very wise to make you think. If not in an encounter, he will escape.

Retrieved 25 May 2018. It is a song that has a question attached to it and catering to this is the genre as well. You listen to him. Opening sequence Sandhya Prabhat and Jemma Jose designed the opening animation sequence which narrated.

vikram vedha tamil movie songs

Vikram Vedha 2017 Starmusiq - Vijay Sethupathy on the other hand essays antagonist Vedha a most wanted leader of local gang pulling it off effortlessly seriously effortlessly like so much of assaultness the way he carries himself stands out unique particularly. Vikram leads an formed to eliminate Vedha.

vikram vedha tamil movie songs

What will happen when two star actors, who tend to give priority to stories more than their respective roles, join together in a movie...? A usual cop-criminal story, which is presented with a unique screenplay inspired by Vikramadithan-Vedhalam stories of folklore, where Vedhalam Vijay Sethupathi asks a tough riddle to Vikramadithan Madhavan to evade encounter. The movie starts with a huge difference between the characters, with Vikram - as an honest cop; and Vedha - as a ruthless gangster. The differences fades away as the movie progresses and goes through a complete karmic cycle, from evil vengeance to redemption, with the support of riddled flashback stories narrated by Vedha. The idea remotely resembles Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction in a rather simpler manner. But this movie is a masterpiece of unique kind. When you find enough ingredients in the plot, setup and pace of the movie, the unexpected thrilling element that changes the entire course of the movie, at regular interval, will take you by surprise. The pace keeps you hooked and does not give you time to anticipate a twist. That's what have made this movie enjoyable to watch. No one can fit into the role of Vikram Vedha better than Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi. Especially the comical arrogance of Vijay Sethupathi have created wonders on screen. Even a small character in the movie have owned the role to perfection providing a flawless performances from all sides. Yaanji song and BGM does the work it was expected to do. The movie is a rich mixture of class and entertaining elements with astonishing story and narration. In all, this movie is a treat to watch and worth sparing some extra bucks post GST. Pushkar Gayatri the husband wife duo directors hits the right chord to present an engaging, entertaining, gripping thriller. This is a Neo Noir movie which happens rarely in Tamil. Story is simple straight forward police and gangster cat and mouse or I could say hide seek game. The wow factor is the screenplay which is well crafted and characterisations are well etched. The perfect pace stands out first kept the audience thrilled and guessing till the end. Dialogues are sharp as knife and powerful as the gun shots in the movie. The BGM was rock solid which had added the feel to the play. Coming to the performances Madhavan as Vikram the protagonist a perfect police maintains his grip and emotes intensive emotions particularly when he feels he was used. Vijay Sethupathy on the other hand essays antagonist Vedha a most wanted leader of local gang pulling it off effortlessly seriously effortlessly like so much of assaultness the way he carries himself stands out unique particularly. Loved the in between short stories he threw. Both Madhavan and VJS with their exposed grey carried on their roles picture perfect. They present raw psychological thriller duo. All the other support characters were picked perfect. Varalakshmi's plays an extended cameo but stands out as well the new face lady who plays the lawyer and wife of Vikram. Subtle messages on guilt - revenge - emotions of gangster or the police were the special catch. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this Neo-Noir flick. Verdict : Don't miss it. Hats off to the team Vikram Vedha. Mani Ratnam's Thalapathy, Raavanan and Anurag Kashyap's Dev D are loosely based on Mahabharatham, Ramayana and Devdas respectively. Following the formula of these films, Pushkar Gayathri duo has made Vikram Vedha loosely based on the Vikramadityan-Bethala tale. In the original story, Bethala teaches a moral story to King Vikramadityan in each episode whenever he gets caught. Similarly gangster Vedha Vijay Sethupathi cleverly unmasks the real wrongdoers to the upright cop Vikram Madhavan. In this battle of good versus evil, as audiences we are left to pick a side but everything you see is not what you believe. There's always another side to everything in life and Vikram Vedha, in the most entertaining fashion, makes its viewers understand this philosophy. My Review: You know the story. We have all grown up with these characters. But how you present the same story is the question. We've had filmmakers who have tried several forms of storytelling. But re-telling a story with the same effect is perhaps the reason why Vikram Vedha stands out. Pushkar-Gayatri's version of Vikram Vedha is one such smartly-written thriller, which has a texture, well-developed character arcs and filmmaking gimmickry. Vikram Vedha is not just an ordinary adaptation but a perfect portrayal of morality conflicts. The film keeps pushing us to judge its characters, judge someone by their actions, judge someone by their upbringing and in the process proves how wrong we could be in our assumptions. The confrontation scenes between Madhavan and Vijay are easily the film's best moments as they end in fireworks. It's highly difficult not to love Vedha's character, thanks to his wisdom and never-say-die attitude. Vedha is one of the most fascinating characters written in Tamil cinema. He's smart, intelligent and extremely funny. While Vikram is naive and sort of represents the general public that easily judges one's character without knowing the entire story. Madhavan and Vijay have competed with each other in delivering intense and convincing performances but it is Vijay Sethupathi who deserves a award for sure. Vinod gave the movie a neo-noir look and BGM by Sam C. So,Vikram Vedha is one of the best movies of 2017 with mind blowing performances and direction. Superbly crafted and Presented. Hats off to the Team behind this Amazing Master creation. Classic touches are Screen Play,Casting,Art Direction , Costume, Camera ,Lights.... The Team has thoroughly worked on all the possible areas to make this Film a Master creation. Worth the money and a real Action packed thrill ride...! Its so nice to see a Lead cast with Nose Ring Bold and Beautiful. Killed Puli without knowing whether he is a criminal or not, but rewarded him as criminal, who is actually an innocent soul. Vikram guessed Simon was killed by Vedha because under Simon's order the encounter took place where Puli was shot by him. Vedha and Vedha's brother was targeted to be killed by Ravi. Simon was killed by his own cop brothers. Vikram too was about to be killed by his great cop mates. Criminals are not always wrong. Vikram didn't believe when Vedha said Simon worked for Ravi. Vikram can't find out his own team mates killed Simon. Vikram had an imagination that Simon was killed by Chandra. But he never had a thought that even his cop friends could have done that for the sake of money. Vikram's encounter team was helping him to accomplish the task of encountering Vedha. But Vikram never knew they wanted to do this task just for money. The new member of the team acted as if he is innocent to Vikram. In the climax when Vikram asked him to give cover, he pulled off the innocent mask and aimed the gun at Vikram itself. Chetta ordered to kill Chandra because she tried to escape with his money. Ravi wanted to kill Vedha even while working for him. Priya never helped Vikram, when he asked, he wanted to know the place of Vedha. Profession can't be compromised for personal things. Vikram was keen to find Vedha and kill him in an encounter. If not in an encounter, he will escape. But, in the climax the great gangster Vedha helped the true police by saving his life. Vikram shot all his team mates in hands and legs so that they will be alive, but killed the unit head who turned all his friends to work for him. First , I got to know about the movie from IMDB , which showed some posters for highest rated current Indian movies. Since, I got too late to the party I did not get to see the movie in theaters and after looking long and hard found the movie with eng subtitle which was great. About the movie, amazing acting by Madhvan as always but the 'Betaal' Vedha of the move is awesome. His acting is so natural, he is the highlight of the movie. I must admit, I did not know anything about the actor before this movie and after writing this I will have to look him up.. Also, his character's aging process in flashbacks are awesome as well i don't know who to praise for that. I have seen few South Indian movies before which shows the real standing of this industry compare to Hindi cinema. If Hindi cinema is to copy trends from there, I believe it should be movies like this not the ninja fighting sequence where people hit villains like hulk and they fly for 10 meters. One of the best thing happened to Kollywood after Thani Oruvan. Same punch but a great plot. Vikram and Vedha were absolutely phenomenal and casting was super cool. The main talking point of this movie is the direction. You can see some minute directorial brilliance through out the movie. Some of them were really cool. While walking he threw some snacks to the police dog out there. That's exactly what he did to Madhavan on the following scenes. Which was white on the beginning and became grey later. There are many simple scenes throughout this movie. That's what so cool about this movie. It will make you re watch the movie again and again. Gnosticism tries to substantiate that belief and says; since Jesus was not of flesh, he didn't die in the cross. It was indeed Simon of the cyrene who got crucified for Jesus. I am not an advocate of any of these beliefs but what is enthralling is all these stories gives you questions which shakes you. Or Is Godse's son a Godse? This goes on from Generation to generation. From childhood, we might have heard a lot of stories on moral values and principles. One of the intriguing things in listening all those stories is; how to attain the wisdom to decide between good vs bad. Some of the stories end with a verdict so you need not really bother about the process of deciding the evil. The ambulimama stories of Vikramadhithan-Vedaal never end with a verdict. They always question you. Vikram-vedha gives you the same experience in big screen; of questioning yourself with few tales and lot of questions. Most importantly, you enjoy it a lot like all the granny stories. The canvas is big and you could see lot of colors. The story tellers or the grannies are enamoring and very wise to make you think. Vikram-vedha has the x-factor in it because the art of story-telling is at its finesse. Surprisingly, it is both deductive and detective. If it is an investigative story where you are searching something , it is not the object that gets found or the result you achieve it is all about the ride. It is the hermeneutics that gives you the satisfaction. There are stories that cancel themselves. One common thing about such stories is that they switch back and forth between time. They create a world in your mind and bring you back to your senses. They question you how that world was. Then they will tell you another tale and then ask questions. Sometimes it will be tales within tales. The idea is just to engross you and present you the alternate realism. Then they will connect the dots within all these tales slowly revealing the canvass. The devil will be in the details. Exactly, what Vikram-Vedha does to you. Madhavan plays the role of Vikram. The straight as an arrow, who considers himself having the wisdom of seeing right and wrong. Its zero or one for him and so he is in peace. Enters, Vijay Sethupathi, Vedha Vedaal, who questions Vikram's wisdom. Vikram slowly realizes that its not always black or white and truth gets hidden somewhere in between. Vijay Sethupathi scores easily. Madhavan is good but somehow reminds me of a grown-up Anbarasu of Anbe Sivam times. He is spontaneous, charming, good and straight. In many aspects, we as audience are in the world of Vikram. We associate ourselves to his character. Vedha gets him into a ride. Vedha knows the truth. He asks you tough questions. Slowly, you acknowledge that Vedha has a superior intellect. You stick out to him. You listen to him. He mocks you, burdens you sitting at your back. He bedevils you with ease and poise. Vijay Sethupathy scores easily because of his usual cool, calm way of living the character. Vijay Sethupathy easily strikes a chord because he had arrived and mastered the art of matching the traits of a character with dialogue delivery, looks and walk. In the world of tamil cinema, where the likes of Kamalahasan doing a lot at the age of 60+ to live a character, Vijay Sethpuathy does it with real ease. May be the ease is what stands apart! Metaphors and images from folklore and mythologies are spread over the film including the title. There is this character called Simon, who just lives as gnostics' belief. He has a son named Alex. He was made to carry the cross. He is confused, he can't bear it and he can't refuse it. He just falls back to the lord. A bullet abandoned by Vikram's father, gets the much need chain sprocket from Vedha just like the clues. Vedha has a brother whom Vedha protects a lot and thus loses him. He is the crux of the story and nicknamed as pulli. A money minded kid Chandra grows up exactly as she was earlier. Vikram's wife is another tool in the tale. She plays an advocate. Advocate and cop inside same house creates lot of dilemmas in the personal and professional front. Dialogues are crisp and sharp. There are notoriously comical dialogues in Orampo. Pushkar and Gayathri the director couple are really good at dialogues. My urge to watch the film is mainly due to the dialogues of Orampo. A cop with pride says that his to be brother-in-law is an engineer. Vedha says we have to cease the opportunity. For him, a cop gets a name by being a cop, but he has to do something to be a hero. He says its nauseating to have blood stains and so buys pistols. His policy is not to worry about losing an egg but to make an omelet out of it. The punch soundtrack is too good. Music at times is very loud. Screenplay stands apart and the neatly woven details gives you the embroidered image in the climax. Vikram-vedha a must watch! Should say its rare it Indian movies with such drastic twist in the climax which is seen in Hollywood movies. The performance of the two artist R. At last, a movie on IMDb that stands to its hype. One of the best movies of 2017. Both the good and the bad guy are written in such a manner that both influence the movie as the move the movie forward. It has just one flaw,this movie shouldn't have songs. They are useless,don't add much to the movie. Belive me,the chemistry between the good and the bad is similar to the dark knight. Hell,it even has a interrogation scene like tdk. The cliffhanger at the climax makes the audience a part of the narrative. The way bad guy is written ,it is very rare for an Indian movie to do it bcoz in India,most of the time the hero is a big superstar who won't let his role be diminished. Hats off to this movie for taking such a bold step. This is how classical literature should be adapted or at least made a Part of the plot. Take notes PLEASE This is by far the best INDIAN movie I have seen in 2017! The story line, screenplay, direction, cinematography was amazing! The actors were beyond great. We need more movies like this instead of CGI crap! It can be a popcorn flick and at the same time a very intriguing movie. I would recommend audiences and movie-snobs from all over the word to watch this title! Trust me, you won't be disappointed. First I would like to thank pushkar and Gayathri for putting together madhavan and Vjs in this movie. It is the apt choice for this stupendous movie. The script was so compactly framed such that unnecessary elements cannot be fixed. Madhavan and Vjs didn't act in the movie they actually lived the character. Madhavan's look made to believe that he was a real cop. His attitude as a police officer, the way he holds the gun are so impressive for that vikram character. Vjs style of walk, his different looks at different stages of his life, especially the white beard, and his sarcastic behavior made the vedha character more gripping. The heroines shraddha srinath and vara Lakshmi played their characters beautifully and neatly. The songs are placed in right place and those songs played a major role in the film. The beauty of the film is even the last junior artist was very indispensable to the story. The background score given by Sam C. S is simply astonishing. The same back ground score is used in a slight lenient way for early stages of vedha and the ambiance of the background score perfectly blends with the different life stages of vedha's life. It added separate grandeur to the movie. The camera is toned low which shows the reality of the scenario. Crisp editing made the film racy. Even though, The cat and mouse game is used in many movies the application of that concept here makes the movie somewhat distinctive. Overall it is not a movie it is an experience and lesson. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi- what a combo. This is my 1st review, and why not.. Pros- Story, Acting, BGM. Usually after a movie we feel a scene or 2 were unnecessary or could have been cut. But, this one is an exception. I did not want the movie to end. I was ready for a back- to-back show. Not revealing much, the name has it and so does the movie. No one can play this movie better than them. Go for it, its worth every penny. Yet the overlong, plotholes-ridden screenplay wreaks havoc to what would have been an otherwise tight watch. This neo-noir thriller about righteousness has two people at the center of its conflict - a hard cop and a similarly hard gangster - both of whom believe that what they have done killed people and are doing killing more people is justified. It is when their philosophies chafe against each other that they realize that they may not be actually right. Watching Vikram Vedha unfold as the gangster Vijay Sethupathi takes his adversary Madhavan back to his life through three stories is highly engaging, but somewhere in the middle in an attempt to look intelligent it slips and falls on the ground flat. The convoluted story then gasps for breath so as to further surprise its expecting audience - one twist after another. The huge number of characters - who dance in the screen thanks to the non-linear narrative - help Vikram Vedha don the hat of a master thriller, but when you disassemble it down to the nail, it ends up looking like those cop-gangster stories that you have seen countless times in Tamil and Malayalam cinema. What it does differently is talk about ethics and legitimacy in the fields of law breaking and enforcement. Vikram Vedha scores more points because of the fantastic performances by Sethupathi and Medhavan, but as a film, it's just about one notch higher than average. Even though I do not understand Tamil properly, I watched it in tamil, because I came to know that it is an excellent movie. The movie keeps you engaged which is the highest priority thing. Characterization of Vikram and Vedha and written meticulously and maximum care. Neither of them were dominating the other, but I felt the character of Vikram had a few flaws, who believes everything without prior investigation Like Vikram managing the death of Puli, even after he was found weaponless, blindly believing Simon , but these are things possessed by the character and this analysis only comes if I liked the movie, so that shows how the director and the screenplay got you so much immersed into the movie. The camera work is also to be mentioned, the colors chosen gives you a feel of some proper Crime Thriller. On the whole I felt that Vedha was the show stealer with his attitude, dialogue delivery, comic timing, his looks white haired. The movie also deals with how law and order work, like how the relation lies between a lawyer and a police and how police have to deal with laws, rules, orders which gives a feel that you're watching a proper Crime Thriller. And not to mention the BGM by Sam which was superb. No unnecessary fights, jumps, dialogues, scenes. The movie has an apt runtime. Loved watching MADDY in a very different role Bollywood except few exceptions like anurag kashyap is making only garbage from past 2 decades and i won't be surprised to see this movie's remake soon there, claiming it to be inspired though copying the whole plot. Vikram Vedha is Neo-Noir Tamil cinema at its best, a marvelously layered film where none of the protagonists are black or white. Both of them are grey flanking amid right and wrong and each has their justification for being what they are. In this battle of good versus evil the audience is left to pick a side but everything you see is not what you believe. Vedha tells Vikram, 3 stories that happened at various stages in his life. Each of those stories has relevance to the series of events that led Vedha to come all out. As Vikram finds the answer to each puzzle, the dots get connected and you cannot help but admire the hugely talented Vijay Sethupathi do enormous justice to an equally brilliant screenplay, built up-on the Vikramadhityan-Vedalam Folklore. The director duo of Pushkar-Gayathri have struck gold in their 3rd outing after Oram Po and Va Quarter Cutting, amalgamating the so called 'class' and 'mass' elements perfectly with the characterization of a lifetime. With their exposed greys and whites, Madhavan and VJS are picture perfect for the roles, the margin between the so called good and bad guys dissolving seamlessly as the movie progresses. Seemingly minor details like VJS throwing food to the dog and how the title characters addressing of each other's evolves throughout the movie are brilliantly done , the icing on the cake being a stand-off ending , a cliffhanger apt for the screenplay. I heard a lot of praise about this movie, I haven't seen any Tamil movie earlier which is not dubbed in Hindi, but south indian cinema especially Tamil cinema has been producing some amazing movies, Anniyan is one of my favourite thrillers ever, but I saw that in hindi dubbed. So I saw it with the subs coz the hype was real and I couldn't wait for it to be remade or dubbed. But I have to say this is a proud Indian movie the basic concept is based on old indian folklore of Vikram and Betal which always fascinated me as a kid. Basic plot is very simple but the character arcs of vikram and vedha and screenplay just gets more and more intriguing and complicated as the movie progresses. You might think of some scenes and moments as plot holes but as the movie progresses and Even after it has ended you will realise that no, it wasn't so; it's very fascinating to see. Madhavan was great his character was great, but Vijay Sethupathi was the true definition of awesome as 'Vedha', his character was so intelligent yet so massy and entertaining and funny and sensitive and what not; extremely layered and complex he just steals the movie from everyone, truly magnificent and remarkable. Movie is really the most satisfying and faithful adaptation of vikram and betaal stories. Very entertaining yet you will find yourself scratching your heads after it ends. After their 'average' outings, Pushkar-Gayathri understood what was lacking in their previous ventures - the 'Mass' factor. They decided to take up this challenge and went on to make one of the most brilliant screenplays, that is commercially viable. Casting Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi as the leads, proved effective as the film turned out to be the highest rated Indian feature in IMDb, this year. Again, the results confirmed the improving cinematic maturity, among the Tamil audience.