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I have a new drama to brag to everyone. We don't like them because we pity Tae Gwang nor Eun Bi , we want them because Tae Gwang fell for Eun Bi as Eun Bi while Yi An began to like her thinking she was Eun Byul. I'm glad I watched this.

school 2017 myasiantv
Did she transfer or just stopped attending school. I know in my heart in the long-run EUN BI is not gonna end up with Yi-an--too many cons. They had significantly more scenes that made the pair shippable. I know many of the viewers ships eun ni an tae kwang. See you guys on next drama. It was too sweet. Im dissappointed to say the least, and its nt bc my jesus sunk. I wish the drama could've created better explanation as to why she did it. school 2017 myasiantv

I thought the same will happen for this drama after seeing Eunbi being all red in the face when she got kissed by taekwong..... On the other hand Tae Kwang tries really hard and you can definitely see his love for Eun Bi.

school 2017 myasiantv

School 2017 - The start of drama is pretty good and got me hooked up, however how weak lee eun bi is along the episodes makes me so annoyed. The whole time he was only thinking of Eun Byeol.

school 2017 myasiantv

Eun-Byeol is a popular student at the private high school. She goes missing and returns, but she has lost her memory. She tries to find out the truth. The start of drama is pretty good and got me hooked up, however how weak lee eun bi is along the episodes makes me so annoyed. In most scenes she looks like she's about to cry all the time and how come she didnt tell her mom ever about her problems at school?! How can she be that weak? At times there's some scenes that get me hooked up but then its followed again by disappointment. I think the drama is too dragged and han yi an is also kind of annoying especially with that haircut he doesnt look cool at all. I watched this drama and realized its a mistake so start it so i skipped lots of part just finnish it. And there's taekwang, his heart always waiting for Eunbi. Btw I agree with Sana as well. So it ended up that eun bi and yi an got together and i don't want to be salty about it. I'm just really sad for tae kwang and wished for him to be happy with eun bi, he really needed someone like her.. He's great to her, too. Oh well whatever not everyone can get a perfect ending. I hate second lead syndrome. Yi an is a very likable character for sure tho so yeah. And if they like each other then it's like that. Everyone has different opinions about this.. Gosh but the real eun byul is so badass. Every time she went against soo young to protect eun bi... It would have been great if she had rly RLY been in love with yi an just sayin lol. ANYWAY i really enjoyed this drama. Usually I would find school love dramas kinda boring but this whole story is really interesting and also had inspiring messages for the watchers. I couldn't stop watching! In the early episodes, i was really bored and annoyed because the main character lee eun bi was so lame and easy to get bullied by her evil friend. But, the story became so interesting after another main character go eun byul came out. Time to take a revenge finally came and i really love her character.. This is just the right story about high school.. And in some moments, i cried a lot while watched this drama. Alternate ending, starting from Eun Byul's return. Eun Byul come to see Yi An and confessed her feelings, she said that her leaving makes her realised how much she misses Yi An, and confirmed that she actually like him as well. Yi An has mix feeling between surprise, happy, relieve, confuse, angry at the same time. He happy to see her alive, but confuse since he's finally able to accept Eun Bi's existence. Eun Bi, she really confuses about the kiss on the peck incident. She thinks she likes Yi An more, but the kiss changes everything, she then realised that she open her heart first to Tae Kwang from the beginning, that is why she wants to tell him the truth eventhough disguissed as a jokes school clinic scene. Fast forward to 6 months at roof scene with Tae Kwang, Eun Bi says she missed him, and they got together! As for Yi An? He got together with Eun Byul, finally! Childhood love story berween bestfriend, naahh you can't replaced that easily, moreover if the other person has the same face with your first love, its just wrong in so many level.. Sorry, TaeBi shipper here, but Joo Hyuk still my ultimate bae tho I've just finished watch this drama. It was really good. The story line was great. I was impress how they solve their own problem, thanks to writernim though. I smiled and cried and angry and melted while watching. But i'm sad that eun bi likes han yi an. GTK is really cool and manly. For the best ending i think Han Yi An should love eun byul only and eun bi get along together with GTK. He is my ideal type of man :3 I really love Cha jong soo's character here? She's defenitely a bestfriend goals. I really love how concern she is for her friends, she's so cool and such a beauty too. I like eun byul's character tho, savage and cool,a really good unnie. I like the ending tho, I expected worse from what I always read. Watching the series knowing how it will end sucks but too good I got to love it. It's okay if Eun bi ended up with Yi an because......... Hahaha some scenes are somewhat related with School 2015. I ove the osts! I didn't expect it would be this great. At first I really appreciated the flow of the story and the message the drama was giving but it actually gave me more. I am currently having a lot of thoughts and fear about my future but this really cheered me. Family, friends, values, principles, it was very warm and inspiring. Its like I found a friend that understood me and comforted me that everything will be alright and you will be fine and you will do very well. I cant believe a drama gave me strength to move on and stand up. I will never forget this one, ever. I have a new drama to brag to everyone. Marisol Just to make it clear, Eunbyeol feel so bad for Eunbi's life. From what she see, Eunbi is suffering from bullying and stuff. At the same time, she want to escape from her own life cuz she has problems too. So, she want Eunbi to live as her so she can feel the love from friends and family, things that Eunbi doesn't have. And yeah, she's bad cuz she run away from her own problem, but that's the moral value of the story. Don't run away from your problem. Eun Byeol was frustrating in every sense. The purest form of first world privilege. Why would you hurt your entire family and friends and force a young girl ton deal with exploring a new world by herself with no memories to accommodate your quilt? Han Yi An was right to be angry. I wish the drama could've created better explanation as to why she did it. Not only did it flop the suspense, it made Eun Byeol such a distasteful character for me. Even though I like Han Yi An, I can understand your guys' point about Tae Kwang. The screen writers did a poor job on expanding Han Yi An and Eunice Bi. Logically, they've spent a lot more time together, in the morning and at school, which would explain how boring it might be for the audience. Life is more about the big moments which Tae Kwang seemed to represent. Because he was really exciting and more prone to be doing big gestures, the screen favoured him more. Eun Bi talked a lot with Han Yi An and was more comfortable being around him. I usually go for the doomed side piece but in this one, it was more the screenwriters' faut and you have to think for yourself about their relationship off screen to better accommodate yourself some with the ending. Why it have to be this way? If we will try to analyze Han Yi An's part, it's totally easy for him to change his love to Eun Byul where he loved Eun Byul so much! I really don't get it! Please make School 2017 the season 2 of this drama. I mean you can cast them again and make some twist for Taekwang and Eun Byul to fall for each other. Though I'm a TaekwangxEunBi shipper, I find myself fond of Taekwang and Eun Byul and makes me ship the two. Well, you can cast another actor as a transferred student and make some sequel. Then, EunBixYiAhn and EunByulxTaekwang would have a happy ending. But overall the drama was so good. Why do kdrama endings have to be like this! I mean is it so wrong for the 2nd lead to get a girl even when there are 2 girls? De 2nd lead's feelings r always a lot stronger than the main lead's. Why couldn't eun bi end up with tae kwang n eun byul with han yi an. It could've been such a perfect ending! Plus yi an loved eun byul from the beginning. N twe kwang lovex eun bi from the star so they should've formed 2 pairs! Although the drama was brilliant the ending was dead; I mean it wasn't that clear what the fudge happened to Jo Soo-Hyang and what about Kim So Hyun and Yook Sung-Jae. Honestly the directors could have put more effort into the ending instead of leaving a bunch of plot holes!!!!! Nevertheless the drama, not including the crappy ending, was magnificent! The acting was superb and on a scale of 1 to 10I would give it an 8. Why did Han Yi An end up liking Eun-bi? Well, though it's already pretty obvious in the beginning that the story would be like this. But I still think it's unfair, I thought she really liked Eun-byul but he ended up liking her twin sister instead and I thought he was really inlove with her. That makes me mad. It's better if Eun-bi ended up liking Tae-gwang since he's been there for her from the start. This really made me mad. But anyways, I like the story though I hate the ending. Ok bye y'all xoxo nam joo hyuk's acting was best than that tae kwang who should only just sing and dance if he cant do acting properly. He did the best. He was rather in pain with eun byeol, only getting all those painful comments and all! I like this drama, but i prefer school 2013 because from school 1, it's the story between school and teacher and students and friendship. Nothing like puppy love or etc. The ratings also higher for school 2013 maybe it's because LJS and KWB. Don't misunderstood this, but the storh in school 2015 is kind of deviate than the ancestor. When i watch school 2013 I sob everytime when i saw the friendship between LJS and KWB. It get another feelings like I want to punch Kang So Young. Believe me, the atmosphere is totally different. Every episode was intense and there were a lot of secrets but the ending was a disappointment. Most of the viewers wanted tae kwang and eun bi to end up together but sadly they didn't. This was one of the dramas that I experienced second male lead syndrome and I was really upset that it ended like that. But oh wells, maybe the second male lead and female lead aren't really for each other in dramas. HOWEVER, THIS IS WORTH WATCHING!! Just finished watching this amazing drama again. Every episodes were interesting. I love all of it, especially the casts and their characters so i'm hoping a part 2 with the same casts and new plot. It still makes me think what happened to Kang So Young and I want to see Go Eun Byeol again together with Go Eun Bi and Han Ian, and Gong Tae Gwang of course. Best drama and I'm willing to watch this again and again. PH Ah this drama brings so many memories back... Yeah, just like in this drama, the same as Lee Eun bi did Of course, i dont have a twin sister and i didnt lose my memory, but i wasnt strong enough to come back to school, so i dropped out and stayed in hospital for a very long time.. While i was watching this drama i was regreting so much not being strong and not being able to go back to school. I wish i had friends like Tae Kwang or Yi An.. Watching this drama made me cry many times.... I really love this korean drama from the very beginning!! Kim So-Hyun's acting was superb! I'm just so hook in every episode of this drama! The osts are amazing as well! THIS ACTUALLY NEED MORE AWARDS PLEASE!! I don't have any attention to watch this drama.. The bullied part make me cry.. It just to painful.. Thankfully EunByul Charcarter exist.. Both of them awesome.. If not I don't not what will happen to Eun Bi alone... That charcter named so young.. I really hate her.. I Don't know how many time I mad or curse you.. Sorry Your charcter too bad.. Yi and Tae lwang is too cute.. Yi an with EunByul... It will be really good if taekwang play the lead role... I hope to see both of you on new drama or movies... I highly recommeded this drama to kdrama lovers who want to watch this drama.. This drama is full of lesson , love , friendship , sad happy painful awesome scene so many mixed feeling involved... This is really worth to watch!! They are still young my age, apparently but i see no flaw in their acting! Great plot, great actors and actrees. Han Yi An is so freaking adorable, cute, and handsome!! He would play fine as Seo In Guk younger cast! But sungjae is more cute because seo in guk was elder and start play drama as an adult man. About this drama, actually i love han yi an and love the way he love go eun byul. It was too sweet. And i also love the way tae kwang love lee eun bi. Why theyre not just didnt end up with anyone. And just become sweet friend for each other? Aiishhh really after watched the last scene i want to say: I WANNA RESET! Why eun bi ended up with yi an? Sweet yi an should end up with eun byul because they had a lot of sweet memories for long time. And yi an more suitable with eun byul. So eun bi could end up with tae kwang because i love them! Although eun bi and eun byul are played by same actress but they look tottaly different. Kim so hyun is very talented actress. When her hair is curly she have to hang out with nam jo hyuck and when her hair is straight she have to hang out with sungjae. I really love this drama... I don't know why u guys don't like yibi couple.. Love U I just finished this drama last night and i admit this drama is very cool because Go eun byul character.. Two same comments, same content and different usernames. Sorry but I thought my first comment didn't post that's why I posted another one. Are you trying to say that Yibi fans are actually post spamming just to make the ending look better? From the start to end, EB never had any romantic feelings for TW. Would it make sense if they have ended up together despite that? It's kind of frustrating T. T It's not like HYI was soooooo useless. T i really like this drama. Lol so many Yibi multiple comment spammers different names but same user The story is good overall. My only problem is why Taekwang didnt end up with the main shitty girl where we all know that everything he did was for her and his relationship was quite clear compared to the guy who just liked her because of a certain misunderstanding, like lol why did the useless girl even like him? He wouldnt have talked to her if her face is different..... I hate stereotypical heroines. And it was a good drama, I was supportive of the second lead but thought it was all hopeless when suddenly the tables turned in the last few episodes. I thought the same will happen for this drama after seeing Eunbi being all red in the face when she got kissed by taekwong..... Nevertheless, this drama was still great BUT Eun Byul had romantic feelings for YiAn!!! I think the writer decided to ignore this part to make Eun Byul a cool sister. Because Eun Byul was really awesome. I didn't really like Eun Bi character. When Eun Byul returned, Eun Byul was all actions, taking care of Kang So Young and Jung Soo In. At some point, watching Eun Bi parts was slow. Thinking back, her scenes did become useless because it was spent with Taekwang, who she did not end up with. I prefer to think that this drama ended with a open-ending because I could make their futures. Such like Eun Bi and YiAn started dating. But later they broke up because they realize that they're better off as friends. Taekwang still likes Eun Bi, and Eun Bi finally accepts him because she realizes how cute he is. While YiAn became a star athlete and Cha Song Joo became a popular celebrity. Shit why not han yi an ended with eun byul? Is his feeling not that strong for her? And why eun byul that easy give han yi an to eun bi? Tae kwang really do everything for her. I really disappointed with the ending. I just hope that eun byul ended with yi an and eun bi ended with tae kwang. I really really disappointed till i feel so fed up The drama was really amazing , the characters were daebak!! The cast are good: I laughed, cried and felt their pain. Also, I swear I cussed at Kang So Young more than once, she really flipped my lid. To the crew writers, producers,etc , well done. Special mention to the CG effect! So, now, the ships. I know a lot were disappointed because Eun Bi didn't end up with Tae Kwang, I'm not one of them though haha. I mean, from the start until halfway, Eun Bi didn't show any sign of romantic feelings towards Tae Kwang. It was really quite obvious she only saw him as a friend and nothing more. I would really rage on it if they were giving me romantic feels but it was pretty one sided. Seriously, the way Eun Bi looked at Han Yi An sealed the deal! But I really do like Tae Kwangs character towards Eun Bi: supportive and unconditional! For the lessons, man, I wish every bully in this world get what they deserve--a redemption, second chance to do the right thing! I also adore teachers who are really passionate towards their students. It plays a part on how kids grow up. I really want to see these actors together in another drama someday, if not, then on their own projects as lead characters. Eun Bi and Han Yi An! Kim So Hyun did a really good job playing two characters at once and an amazing ending except for the love triangle part. I loved the setting,the story and also the Eun Byul vs Soo Young knockouts,now that was badass. Yook Sung Jae FIGHTING the drama is done.. They know they're giving this drama for all 18ers, but instead of going like what 18ers want Yi Ahn with his 10years one-sided love Eun Byul, and Eun Bi with her guardian angel Tae Gwang , they go opposite way, to actually teach us 18ers how to accept the reality and not hating just because it doesn't turn out like we want. At the end, the filmmaker just wanna test us, whether we comprehend the lesson this drama trying to teach, or not. If you are that upset with the ending and giving hate speech here and there, then all 16eps are such your waste of time, don't pretend to cry when Kang So Young is bullying Eun Bi, cause u might be no different. If you accept the ending just as it is although it's not what you want, HIGH FIVE! What I'm implying here is, yeah there is no 'if you accept the ending because you ship for AhnBi couple... Thanks to all hardworking casts and crews! Couldn't get over the fact that EunBi never felt guilty about liking her sister's 'boyfriend'. Moreover, I usually don't give in to helpful second leads, but I think the help in this drama is too excessive. There was like 10% chemistry for YiBi and 90% chemistry for TaeBi. EunBi, until the end, acted like a desperate girl in love with YiAn. I'm sure that even YiBi shippers realised were at least once swayed by TaeBi's chemistry, but not the same the other way around. In the end, the love plot in this drama lacked... I would be happy if SoHyun and SungJae won the award for Best Couple.. I say, that was the hugest plot hole in the history of kdramas... Yeah maybe ppl ship them so hard. But if you watch it carefully, their relationship just as a good friend. Tae kwang was the one who likes eun bi. So why is the hell you guys said yibi such a nonsense and no had a chemistry? Hahahahaah a funny statement. Just bcs tae kwang always helping eun bi doesnt mean eun bi likes her~~~~~~~ eun bi already had her feelings on yi an from the first she appeared as eun byul. So it is not impossible if yibi is happens Just finished this drama in a straight marathon with of course breaks and sleep haha. So many feels during this drama. Teared up a lot haha. It gives a great prespectetive of the challenges and pressures that we may face during our school years. The characters are daebak and do such an awesome job playing their roles. This drama is definitely underrated. I hope more people can appreciate this drama. FikaYoongje are you an idiot? If they is main cast does it mean they must be together? You sure haven't watch any drama where 2nd male lead get the main female lead aren't you? Btw, Tae Kwang is not 2nd lead he is co-lead with Yi An. If you go Wikipedia instead Sungjae name is mention first after Eun Bi explained that please. This drama has 4 main lead, Eun Bi, Eun Byul, Yi An, Tae Kwang neither of them is 2nd lead. I'm so surprised how the reaction of taebi shippers is,, sorry but this is the story which is eunbi fall in love with Yian from the begining then Yian realizes that he loves her after he discovered that she's eunbi , how could u think that eunbi must force her self to fall in love with taekwang , the writer was clear from the first so i was sure that it will be a Yibi ending, he has broken anyone , i also loved Taebi moments but as best friends , they were so sweet ,and we've all seen how eunbi rejects taekwang every time he confesses to her so to me it would be unrealistic if she ended up with teakwang. Maybe Yian and Eunbi haven't had much screen time although i haven't noticed it but their moments together were very emotional unlike Taebi moments they were so funny and let u watch them again for more 10 times but we have never felt any attraction between them. So i have been enjoyed from the episode 1 to the last minute of the last episode. I'm really sure that i will never find a drama better than Who are you. I know many of the viewers ships eun ni an tae kwang. But wasn't the ending realistic? In our lives we don't simply fall in love with people just because we have spend much time with each other or have spend many memories. If we've already given out heart to someone special. It can't be change easily right? All I mean to say is yes ofcourse there were more scenes of taekwang and eunbi and they'd really shared good memories too. And taekwang was really generous and helpful to her. But she really likes Han yi an and she didn't wen give false hope to taekwang. She'd made clear with taekwang about her feeling towards him. Though they were together many times but I couldn't really feel anything between them but just a good friendship. Because I was sure about eun ni feelings. Yeah ofcourse taekwang really did like her a lot and we could totally see and feel it. Han yian and eun ni didn't have as much screen time as taekwang and her. But the scenes between them were really heartwarming. How important was eun ni for him that he even could give up him dream? We can find from there too that she really meant for him a lot and had already start liking him. In our real lives too we only can give up out dream from the one dearest to our heart. We all know how heartbreaking it is to not be able to do the thing we longed for so long. For the one to whom we can sacrifice that thing must be really special who could mean to us more than our dream. You all might think it was not of a great deal but imagine it happening in your real lives then you'll find the ans. I wa really happy and satisfied with this drama. And also was happy with the ending of taekwang and eunbi remaining good friends. Overall happy with the endings of the drama THANK YOU WRITERS FOR MAKING YIBI HAPPEN! Eun bi sees taekwang as JUST A FRIEND; someone she feels sorry for bc she cant love him the way he loves her! Bc she LOVES YiAn!! It doesnt need to have a lot of sweet scenes to show that! Bc thats how love works. You dont just fall in love with someone who HELPS you right?! If thats the case then you fall in love with all your friends? XD Love is very unexplainable. You never know who youll fall for! I have no question for Yi an's love for eunbyul, but hello? And most probably, yi an too and Eun bi happened to be there. Yi an fell in love with her unknowingly that she aint his 1st love. Thinking that his love for eunbyul just continues but what really happens is he is starting to fall in love for someone else... I really like this drama and unlike some other viewers, I also like the ending. First of all, what a great performance by Kim So Hyun. She did a fantastic job as the twins. You can really feel the difference between the 2 role not only by the hair and makeup but by the performance of her acting. I find it normal that she didn't end up choosing Tae Gwang even if he was there all along from the beginning. From the first moment he expressed to her his feeling, she already told him straight that she didn't have this kind of feeling for him. I know, they share a lot of screen time together but friendship and love is 2 different thing in my opinion. She is comfortable with him as good friend but she doesn't love him that's all. Just like Eun Byul is comfortable with Yi Han but she didn't love him also. On the other hand, Eun Bi has feeling for Yi Han since the beginning of the drama so to me it's a good thing she didn't go back and forth. She was ready to give up her feeling because she thought he loves her only because she was Eun Byul. At the end of the drama, she knew he loves her for who she is and she also got the green light from her sister. So I don't see a problem there. Some people complain Yi Han changes is heart for Eun Bi. I mean come on, you have a girl that look exactly the same with better personality and manners and that she actually love you back? Seriously, love can't be force. Eun Byul didn't have that kind of feeling for him just like Eun Bi don't have for Tae Gwang. Better give up and move on... Overall, everybody did a great performance in this drama. I also like the message behind this drama. Bullying is bad and at 18 years old, there is a lot of thing to learn and discover beside Love! I would've been more willing to YiBi if the writers had actually given us more scenes of them, but noooo they give us a lot more meaningful scenes of TK and EB and nothing of yi ahn and eun bi. If they had scenes, it was literally a repeat of the same thing over and over again and him giving eun bi the gold medal like 5x. Then EB is all like... I can't like anyone right now I need to find out who I am blah blah, when TK knew she was EB all along and loved her for EUN BI. Meanwhile, yi ahn over there liking EB because he thinks it's eun byul. How screwed up is that.. Honestly I know EB's a nice girl and all but know when to REJECT a guy early on so we don't feel so bad rooting for TK and wanting him to win when we know it's clearly not gonna happen. Another thing is when did EB ever even start liking YA? They had no chemistry whatsoever and their scenes together put me to sleep. If writers had delved more into YA's story, maybe I'd feel differently who knows. They made the viewers sympathize with TK and I felt as if YA was trying to third wheel his way into the whole love triangle square polygon thing. If yi ahn liked eun byul for more than 10 years, how does a few months change his heart so easily??? Did he even like her in the first place lmao. And gee writers way to just throw eun byul away at the end as if she's no longer needed anymore. And the hospital scene when TK got sick? Way to just put that scene to the dump with the way the drama ended. TLDR; this drama was so so good at first but it shouldn't have been so big on romance cuz it ruined it for metnh. I would've been more willing to YiBi if the writers had actually given us more scenes of them, but noooo they give us a lot more meaningful scenes of TK and EB and nothing of yi ahn and eun bi. If they had scenes, it was literally a repeat of the same thing over and over again and him giving eun bi the gold medal like 5x. Then EB is all like... I can't like anyone right now I need to find out who I am blah blah, when TK knew she was EB all along and loved her for EUN BI. Meanwhile, yi ahn over there liking EB because he thinks it's eun byul. How screwed up is that.. Honestly I know EB's a nice girl and all but know when to REJECT a guy early on so we don't feel so bad rooting for TK and wanting him to win when we know it's clearly not gonna happen. Another thing is when did EB ever even start liking YA? They had no chemistry whatsoever and their scenes together put me to sleep. If writers had delved more into YA's story, maybe I'd feel differently who knows. They made the viewers sympathize with TK and I felt as if YA was trying to third wheel his way into the whole love triangle square polygon thing. If yi ahn liked eun byul for more than 10 years, how does a few months change his heart so easily??? Did he even like her in the first place lmao. And gee writers way to just throw eun byul away at the end as if she's no longer needed anymore. And the hospital scene when TK got sick? Way to just put that scene to the dump with the way the drama ended. TLDR; this drama was so so good at first but it shouldn't have been so big on romance cuz it ruined it for me tbh. However the other except the ending is wonderful! It would be good and happiness for everyone if this sucks writer makes eunbi and taekwang ended up together and so on with eun byeol with yi an! But i totally don't really care about the pairing But i totally admit that the relationship between eun bi and yi an being force and rush. And it's confusing too because nothing is confirm about the dating! And about that soo jung girl, i don't like her ending it would be great if she ended up being locked in the jail finally! XD -slapped- but i am still sad and it still hurts because huhuhu poor gongtae T A T a role taken for granted- sabirgbwriaagf- writer nim played with many viewer's heart. Ray the drama got high rating at the final week because the writer refuse to clear the relationship between them and left the viewer hanging till the very last moment of the episode and the writer is not smart but they are smart for the wrong purpose to get better rating. I believe if they make YiBi relationship clear earlier I definitely believe it not going to get the rating as it is for me I will not even bother to watch the final episode if that was the case. They do it last moment because they knew a lot of people want TaeBi and TaeBi shipper angry because they give them false hope and wasted their time on a sinking ship. I read the comment and the YiBi shipper couldn't give us a solid reason for them to be together. All of them give reason that they liked each other lol what a baseless reason. Ray I believe there is much more people who root TaeBi out there that why you see there is about 900+ comment here and all of them is enraged with the ending. I would say 70% of the people to be honest all of my friend go for TaeBi too because YiBi relationship is just so wrong in every sense. They fall in love reason being they like each other but viewer can't find any scene or moment which justify that. I more on neutral side but if you were to ask me I would say TaeBi would make much more sense and realistic beside it would give a perfect happy ending for all main lead but the writer just want create a bittersweet ending. Thank for the drama I really enjoy it for the first 14 episode but the last 2 episode really disappoint me because they focus too much on Eun Bi romance instead of Eun Byul I like Eun Byul character the most. Seriously i can't get over this frustration feeling after finish watching the ending.. I WANNA RESET I WANNA RESETTT~ writer is so cruel.. After all Tae Kwang just a character made to gain viewer interest.. If writer want to YiBi couple in the end focus on that couple the most not giving us false hope about TaeBi couple and then breaks our hearts like this~~ For sure most viewers is TaeBi shippers and less YiBi scene make that couple seem ridiculous and unreal being in love without strong explaination.. I love Yi An since beginning seeing his deep love which i never expect to changes in the end... Honestly i love YiByul couple more than TaeBi couple.. How could first love lose to confused love? Yi An should confess to Eun Byul and grab Eun Byul tight not leave her when someone better come.. Yes, Yi An has wait long so, why he cant wait longer? He ended his first love well but cant he see that Eun Byul also loves him and just don't realize it earlier because all burden she had... Tae Kwang made me cry till the end... Just compare the last TaeBi and YiBi scene,see how sweet and lovable TaeBi is.. For sure, its takes long time to understand this ending! It wasn't happy for me. I shipped TaeBi and YiByul. And when EunByul said that she wants to study abroad, I tought that she wants to leave because of EunBi and Yi An. YiAn ''loved'' EunByul for 10 years, but never confessed his feelings,but to EunBi he confessed after really not long time. And in the end EunBi took EunByul's life again. She went to EunByul's school, she got her friends and even YiAn. I don't hate YiAn or EunBI,but I think Taebi should have happend. TaeKwang was with EunBi from the beggining, he even went to Tongyeong and did much more than YiAn did for her. Poor EunByul she loved Yian for ten years I think and he likes her sister. Taekwang always protected EunBi,but when YiAn realized that he likes EunBi,YiAn avoided her. But I really liked this drama xD Waiting for School 2016!! First of all main lead didn't have much on screen time like taekwang and eun bi so how come they develop feelings and aall.. Jezzz feel like I wasted all my time watching for this crap ending.. And this is why i hate the idea of watching romantic movies and dramas.. Wasn't that bad drama to start with but it's the ending which really make us disappointed.. For those who want to start watching this drama,here i give some of my tips.. I agree with most of the ppl here that Taebi should have happened. The writers really should have noticed that the love line between yi Ahn and eunbi was way too weak. Because yi Ahn loves Eun byul and did so for 10 years not Eun bi. Tae was the only one who loves her for her, made her comfortable and only saw her. Plus Eunbi made him a better person and he made Eunbi stronger against So young. TAEBI SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED, WRITERS MESSED IT UP I am glad that I'm not the only one who wanted Eun Bi with Tae Kwang after reading all the comment here. Yi An and Eun Bi together is really out of the world like how could Eun Bi like the guy knowing him fell in love with her own sister since child? I am sorry but writer show us too little if there was any at all chemistry between Yi An and Eun Bi for us to ship them. If they wanted them to be a couple from the beginning they shouldn't make Yi An so crazy going after Eun Byul and it was too late for Yi An to realize Eun Bi real identity to love her. The ending is not bad but not satisfying either. If they ain't gonna give Tae Kwang the girl then don't do cruel thing like making him follow Eun Bi again without expecting anything in return that sound so retard. But if anything he reconcile with his dad was a good thing although nothing heard about his mother after the hospital visit. No comment for Eun Bi she get everything she wish for. Friendsship, family, love, education, and etc she got everything and the same goes for Yi An who get back to swimming again none the less getting his girl after dumping another. Eun Byul is like the exact opposite of Eun Bi. She seem like losing everything. In the end she couldn't get back her normal life seem like to make way for Eun Bi and avoiding something yet again. So Young couldn't remorse her sin sincerely like what the heck seem like we learn no moral in the story have to admit it was realistic though lol. What's nice about this drama is showing us viewers about the students struggle and pressure that is so true especially about bullying ang parents pressure. Its nor just all about romance, but I'm happy yi ahn endded with eun bi because when it comes to true love,true feeling we never can't deny it even though tae kwang was doing all his best for eun bi. I love school 2013 and this too :. Love the drama because all the conflicts were resolved. After finish watching eps 15, i keep telling myself to stop thinking about love triangle.. So, here i am finish watching the whole eps with swollen eyes, heavy feeling.. ~~ I knew it for sure since e 15 that YiBi gonna win in the end! I could accept it with broken heart of kos BUT the way pd-nim, writer-nim end it kind of dissapointing... Almost all ended well... So Young regret though i wish she would sincerely apologize to Eun Bi and get punished to her wrongdoings, Eun Bi and Eun Byul could start a new live though its dissapointing they don't go to the same school happily, Tae Kwang and his father reconcile and finally became a real FAMILY, Yi An start swimming again, Teacher Kim and all students doing well and try to achieve their dreams together.. Yes, its all nice except for romance! Okey, its fine Yi An and Eun Bi being together when they likes each other without many scenes,rushing love and etc2. I try to be cool about that even i have thousand of unsatisfied and unfair things to be said, BUT wth with ending that will make me and most of TAEBI shippers think that Tae Kwang gonna be hurt till the end of their high school life? Unlike Eun Byul who being cool about her sisters being in love with her bestfriend bestfriend who she think she gonna regret for not realize her feelings earlier and accept Yi An decision to end his one-side love because of he in love with her own twins sister , Tae Kwang being made a fool! Tae Kwang loves Eun Bi the most in the worlds, he cannot even tell lies that he will forget Eun Bi and move on.. Instead he just ask to stay beside Eun Bi who in love with Yi An, the same meaning he will love her without asking for return.. And, plez don't ask for season 2.. YiBi shippers plez be satisfied that Eun Bi accept Yi An hearts in the end! Don't request to see they getting married or something... I had YiBi nonsense love story enough! Yes, love can changes but its really possible to love someone who has the same face as your first love? Yes, its end almost well, its just Tae Kwang appeals more than Yi An, and then there was lack of Yi An and Eun Bi scenes together, its was a big mistake.. I would more gladly to accept this ending if i don't see and love Yi An how Yi An love Eun Byul, and Tae Kwang just like Eun Bi as a good friends! See you guys on next drama.. He just selfishly play with two sisters' feeling. How can 10 years crush ends bc of only few months loveline. Plus, he only gives eun bi attention at first bc he likes eun buyl. Tae Gwang was always there for her, accept and comfort her as well. He goes through a lot of struggles in the drama as well. Why can't the writer give him the girl he likes as the reward for him after suffering from so much struggles in life? I know traditionally the second never get with the girl but I will always ship taebi and for my the last ep is 14 where they kiss. As a high school student, this drama was very very relatable and is one of the dramas I would always be excited to watch whenever I would get home from school. A JOB WELL DONE!! Hands down to Kang So Young. A very good actress! I can't believe she actually played with my emotions every time she showed up and would cause a scene. Hoping to see her in more dramas.. An inspiring k-drama that everyone should consider watching! Although the ending could've been waaaay better... THUMBS UP TO ALL THE CAST AND CREW!! Another good K-drama checked off my to watch list. Agree and can't blame why there is so many people root for Tae Kwang and Eun Bi. The writer is totally at fault. There is like at the beginning too much scene between Eun Bi and Tae Kwang. Yi An almost non-existence he like never do anything noticeable for Eun Bi other than hating Eun BI for lying to him right up until very late of the show. Yi An is too weak. The writer can't convince us enough the reason why Yi An should be with Eun Bi. Again, this is the writer fault the reason for them to be paired up is too weak in comparison to TaeBi. Yeah there will be those who say they like each other but the problem is we can't get any link between them and it is absurd how suddenly they fell for each other. That was a bad ending I expect the Eun sister will attend same school and live happily with each other. I know Eun Byul went aboard to study but they did not show how she felt or how she been doing at the end I been waiting to see her after Eun Bi receive letter from Eun Byul but that did not happen. I really like this drama. It makes me learn many things. So we just have to know what we gonna do in this situations. Also friends is really important in our life. Parents is the most important thing in our life so we have to respect them and never hurts them. By the way I really enjoyed this drama. It gots a painfull moments that makes me cry alot. And a big thanks to the actors in this drama. They were actual in thier acting. Specially kim so hyun. I really love it. Also oppa yook sung jae I like his cold personality in this drama and oppa nam joo hyuk the most cute and friendly guy. What did you expect who ship with who and who. And it is not wrong if yi an with eun bi. Doesnt mean if tae kwang always care and protect eun bi, eun bi will like her. Besides, eun bi first met was yi an not tae kwang. And, go eun byul, she just treat yi an as a bestfriend and not more than a friend. So what did you said that yi an is not suitable eun bi? We already knew the ending that they didnt show who ended up with who and who. I ACTUALLY THINK THAT NAM JOO HYUK IS MORE GOOD-LOOKING AND HAS A GREAT PHYSIQUE THAN YOOK SUNG-JAE..... BUT I ship TaeBi.. ALSO TaeBi did not happen.. Reasons why TAEBI sould have happened 1. Yi an is more suitable to Eun byul--guys and girls can't be best friends without developing those feelings--Eun byul cared for yi-an cause in the first episode she was listening to the swimming competition--eun byul was just scared to admit her feelings--she probably knew about her sister having feelings after asking where eun bi got the stuffed toy and also yi-an has changed after eun byul came back--poor eun byul for only appearing in a short time... I always think that how can yi-an forget all those memories and feelings to eun byul and keep seeing her face through eun bi.. Tae kwang was first and Tae kwang has been more expressive like going to tongyeong and the kiss... Eun bi would have been in an awkward position with her sister even if the sister said it was ok.. I know in my heart in the long-run EUN BI is not gonna end up with Yi-an--too many cons... Tae kwang will work hard be famous and get the girl!!!! Well overall the drama is a good series and the acting is amazing. Yook Sun-jae's acting is so amazing one of the best for an idol actor. And Kim So-hyun's acting is so spectacular in the way she portrayed two characters so realistically. Kim So-hyun and Yook Sung-jae should win an award for their amazing performances especially at their age. I hope they win a couple award, Shin Se-Kyung and Yoon Shi-yoon won a couple award despite the ending so here is to hoping. The fact that im not familiar with Sung Jae nor BtoB says alot. I didn't knw the actor but I enjoyed his performance so much! Some are saying that ppl online shipped TaeBi bc of who SJ is but its not like that for everyone. Why did so many ppl shipnthese two. Its bc I think, they really got SJ's character. He was such a fun and interesting character. So it felt natural that he shud get the girl. But alas as I suspected from early on, he was only the secong lead. But what an awesome one he was. The YiBi ship was just alittle boring for me tho obvious. The writer spent so much time developing the romance with TG that when I saw YA it just didn't feel right. Im not saying that EBi had to end up w TG but the shw really led us on. I blame the writers. The shw cud've been so much stronger had we spent less time on love lines and more on plot. It seems the writers saw the dissappointing ratings and milked the love triangle to keep things going. Im dissappointed to say the least, and its nt bc my ship sunk. I didnt delude myself. But that ending was dissappointing. Its bad when u can't root for the main lead. If we friend with someone for a long time it doesnt mean we have a destiny with it. A friend that will help anything if she have a problem. A friend that fill the emptiness and a friend that protect her. I LOVE THIS DRAMA's ENDING, REALLY LOVE IT! I thought the ratings would have been better. It was a storm online. I liked the series. It was stronger in the 1st half. The second half lagged when the storyline gave too much focus on the love triangle. I also think that the writets gave Tae Gyung a really strong story. It sometimes over shadowed the main lead. This left me loving the second lead so much more. He felt so relatable which is odd since Yi An was suppose to be the average one. Anyway, the ending was bittersweet. But it was an okay watch. There were notable performances from Kim So Hyun, Yook Sung Jae and Jo Soo Hyang. The actor playing Yi An was okay but he wasn't given much to work with. I loved the whole show but the ending really got me messed up. I was just bawling my eyes out the entire episode for TK. Eun Bi wanted someone that accepted the real her and he was the only one who did that from the very beginning!! Anyway, i just gonna scratch out the last 7 minutes of the show and pretend that TK ended up with Eun Bi. I kinda just wish the writer saw the audience's reaction to TK and how much he is loved and how much everyone loved him. Anyway it was kinda an open ending so im just gonna pretend they ended up together and all is happy in the world. I love u TK and i gonna miss getting to c u every week!!!! Well, it's not really the ending that I expected but still, it was a great series. Though I don't really get why the writer paired Eun Bi with Yi An. It would make much more sense if Eun Bi ended up with Tae Kwang since he was the one by Eun Bi's side whether she was sad, happy, or confused and he definitely had more heart-warming scenes with Eun Bi. But I'm still happy that he got his own kinda happy ending. He was starting to rebuild his relationship with his dad yey! Oh and Kim So Hyun is such a great actress! I'm looking forward to her future projects. The Eunbi Yian loveline is the worst. Tbh, Eunbi is always saying that she wants to be accepted as Lee Eunbi and Taekwang gave her that, in fact he did everything he can for her. Yian only liked her because of Eunbyul. Does she think Yian will give her attention if she doesn't have the same face as Eunbyul? It's sad that she never once considered that. The second lead syndrome is so strong in this drama and there's a reason why MAJORITY of the viewers like Taekwang. The ending was disappointing and Taekwang didn't get the girl but he managed to capture the hearts of many. Only Taekwang had the chance to go at the Love House where EunBi grew up. But still picked YiAn.. Only TaeKwang had the chance to have a relationship with those kids that are like EunBi's children.. Can I be that person? XD He was the first one to Hug EunBu and the only one who had the chance to Kiss EunBi.. TaeKwang quickly ran when he found out EunBi was not EunByul... I don't mind her liking YiAn but I just hope the writer showed how EunBi fell in love with YiAn.. Like in Episode 16 where they had a cute scene at the bus.. I hope they had more scenes like that in the past episodes so that it's fair that she really fell in with YiAn... I recommend it to all XD I even made most of my friends watch it and they also ship TaeBi haha Wah. THERE ARE SO MANY SPOILERS DOWN HERE XD I'm glad it ended fine.. I have no more words to say XD TaeBiForever I hope Taekwang will be able to take care of his feelings.. I'm glad it didn't end with him crying at the playground phew.. The director makes viewers fall in love with the second lead but then destroys it completely. The reason people are more supportive of Taekwang-Eunbi is because they had all the scenes where falling in love make sense. They had significantly more scenes that made the pair shippable. I really don't know why the writers never did that for Yian-Eunbi until the very end, especially when most viewers were on the wrong ship. The scriptwriter totally play with our heart with taekwang and eunbi thing. They have lot of sweet scenes together and great even better chemistry than yi ahn. I'm really disappointed with the scriptwriter. Don't you understand her situation? Eun Byul back then who was a kid just fail in her adaptation and then some one come asking if she wanted to live with her. Put yourself on her shoe I don't think you can reject the offer even if you are 20 years old so how about a kid? Eun Byul regret over her action and sacrifice everything. She had protected Eun Bi and even brave enough to reveal the truth so people ought and wanted her to be happy in the end so what wrong with you? The ending by the way is not open. Obviously Yi An end up with Eun Bi while Tae Kwang become friend with Eun Bi. The scene at the bus we see that Eun Bi is giving back the medal recall back Yi An say he will wait for her answer and when she accept his feeling she had to return the medal to him which he cherish to Yi An indicate she had accepted Yi An feeling. I wish they could show more scene of Eun Byul coming back to Korea though and smiling happily with their friend and family. Not that bad of an ending even though my ship sinks. Thank for leaving the ending rather open so that I can assume all become friend instead and nothing actually happen kkk.... Why all of you so pity with eunbyul.. How can Han Yi An changed his feelings as fast as like that, I know Eun Byul didn't show much interest on him but in the drama, Eunbyul's character really cares about Han Yi An. I also realized that Enbyul's character did so many sacrifices. She chose friendship over love for Han Yi An. She chose her sister for Eunbi and she chose to went in other place for her mom and sister Coz in the first place, Eunbyul had grown up with love from her step-mom and classmates while Eunbi had experienced terrible bullying in her school. Idk why, but I like Eunbyul's character ~ she knows how to value her love for her sister. I hope there's more school themed drama to come. S Kim So Hyun's acting was superb!! I don't mind the ending but why Eun byul had to go to the other side of the world? So the eding it's just Eun bi take all Eun byul life with her friend, boy and all. And Eun byul the one who had to do all protect her sister, give her all, get the punishment etc is the one left with anything. That's the only thing that disappoint me T. All the other are ok whenever she end with one or another don't mind. I hoped that at least the twins were going to stay in the same school,class but is not like that : Kim so hyun, more lead drama pleaseeeeeee, you are the most talented actress. I've seen your act since you played with Yeo Jin Goo, Please play drama with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yok sung jae, good cute and love acting, I wanna se your next project. Nam jun hyuk at first I like you but the spotlight taken away for tae gwang hehehehehheehe, come to running man again with kwang soo oppa. As expected an open ending and as I had said from the beginning if Yi An and Eun Bi ending could be a bad ending but ending without Eun Byul and Eun Bi sister together is worse than bad. IM SEEING HIM FOR FIRST TIME, ITS NOT BCOZ OF PITY THAT I SHIP TABI... No matter how much u sacrifice urself for one person.. It doesn't make that can be yours.. No matter how frustrating is one sided love is.. There is everything that can happen when it 18yrs old.. There is a beautiful, sadness, annoyed, frustrated, confused in love or friendship.. In other words, writers, please do not make a story where the second lead had the best character instead of first lead.. Go eun byul: a strong character at the beginning but became unknown at the last Lee eun bi : a sweet character but became confused at the last.. Writers, u just make the 'it' girl character lost.. And instead just focusing on the love triangle.. Still it's a nice story... The person that made loveline to Bi first is Yi. Can't u guys see in those first eps, Tae did care for Bi but he just acted like he didn't wanna be related with these things??? And the moment Tae decided to tell Bi about his feelings was also the moment that Bi realized that she had fell in love with Yi. So there is no doubt that Bi will never choose Tae. Why u guys just keep on forcing Bi to love Tae? She deserved to opt for the person she had the real feelings and everyone in this global has the rights for this. And about Yi, 100% he liked Byul. But what make u think he had the feelings over friendship for Byul for 10 years? He just promised to give her his gold medal. And why don't u think the love of Yi for Byul was just a puppy-love??? Everyone will grow up and change. The love of a little kid is totally different from the love of an adult. U guys all said that u guys felt extremely hurt when Yi kept away from Bi, when Bi cried. But at least his parents all felt sorry for this and Tae made it up with his dad in the last 2 eps. That was not so bad for him. And Tae was only 18, he could find another girls, another loves as well. Bi loved him not, but she was first and the only person that brought light to his life; the first person treated him like the normal, not an idiot; the first person made he had purpose of going to school; the first person ran immediately to his house when feeling sth wrong with him. Bi would forever be a beautiful memory in his mind. That was enough for a student love. Byul, she maybe had a little feelings for Yi, but that was not much. She was disappointed when Yi said he didn't love her anymore, but not for long. She also didn't care much when Kang So Young asked Yi whether he liked Bi or Byul more right in front of her face. Moreover, in her eyes, Tae was like a damn crazy boy. SO STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE END OF SCHOOL 2015!!! Well the writers really suck. No offence but they do. What's the point of creating such a developed character and then expect fans to accept the ending. Why can't this drama play out like TVD steroline or Hirunaka no Ryuusei. Develop a love line slowly when the character gets touched by the person who cares for them gestures or accept the guy who appears second. This drama would of been so good if not for the ending. But I LOVE THE CASTING. Actually, I watched this drama ACCEPTING THE FACT THAT SUNGJAE IS NOT THE MAIN LEAD I love SungJae, JuHyuck and SoHyun that's why I watched this drama. But I'm a BTOB fan so.. I knew SungJae won't get the girl from the start. It's not that I pity TaeKwang because of his situation that's why I want him to get the girl.. He was the first one to treat her as EunBi not as EunByul.. TaeBi moments kept coming! Made me want TaeKwang to get the girl more. But from Episode 15 it really seems like YiAn-EunBi is the end game.. I wish that so bad.. This Drama is freaking awesome!! XD After reading soo many k dramas I only got second lead syndrome in 2 dramas 1st in dreams high and 2nd in school 2015 one ship sailed and the other sank. The problem is it was ok if YIBI had ended together if thy had only provided me with a reason y thy should end 2gether. If instead of TK, yian had been there 4 EB2 when so young was blackmailing her I would have accepted it but that was not the case. End game for YiByul for sure now. Damn Yi An he end his 10 year love with Eun Byul though he said it was one sided I definitely don't think so. Feel so sad for Eun Byul if you look at her reaction portrayed brilliantly by So-Hyun she really looked disappointed and a little pissed I would say. She look so regretful maybe for not able to express her feeling earlier to Yi An. Jee same situation here. I am also never experience second lead syndrome since I started watching K-drama like for 8 year. Episode 15 he trying to take away Eun Bi from Tae Kwang at the same time dissing Eun Byul what a selfish jerk. Recall the conversation between Tae Kwang and Yi An at rooftop. I mean come on the dude liked Eun Bi and protect her since the beginning. I LOL'ed so hard at that dick face No offense I dislike Yi An not Ju Hyuk I liked him in Running Man. What can you do when there only 1 episode left? LOL Nice try Yi An but that was really selfish. YiBi couple would be a really messed up and selfish ending for them to be together we had to sacrifice both Tae Kwang and Eun Byul in the process how cruel. Hate to say it but after watching episode 15 it is very obvious that the writer is going to make YiBi couple a reality. The scene Tae Kwang kiss Eun Bi she did not give any reaction. The scene Yi An hug Eun Bi she gave a reply yes Eun Bi give a respond and hug Yi An back I wanted this really to be a no couple ending. I can't stand seeing Tae Kwang and Eun Byul the girl especially get hurt anymore. Imagine the guy she liked taken away by her sister aww... I admit it, Eun Bi and Tae Kwang have so much romantic scene, and chemistry too. But, why you guys forcing Eun Bi to love back Tae Kwang? And you force Yi Ahn to be faithful with Eun Byeoul? Are you sure that Eun Byeoul have feeling for Yi Ahn more than friend? Are you sure Yi Ahn is so lucky here? Why you don't open a chance for Tae Kwang to know somebody else and make a lot friends? Why you guys think it will waste your time if Tae Kwang not end up with Eun Bi? You came here and nobody was force you to watch this drama. And now you forcing Eun Bi to be with Tae Kwang? It doesn't make sense sorry for my bad english I wished the writers didn't have to make Han Yi An 10 years of love for Eunbyul end because they wanted to create a love triangle. I wished that Eunbyul gets a happy ending her character is so lovable cause she is chic and is so brave that it makes her amazing. I wish people don't hate on Eunbi it's hard to decide who you like because you really can't control it. And in this drama Eunbi has been through a lot so love wasn't really on her mind until everything settled. School 2015 is such a good drama. I don't think people should start hating on the male leads. Just to clarify the drama from the very beginning before its release said that Nam Joo-Hyuk and Yook Sungjae characters are both the male leads co-leads. I'm a Taebi shipper and I want Taebi to be the end game. But no need to hate Han Yi An. If you look through his point of view his first love crush disappeared presumed dead only realizing the person he cared for in that short amount of time is Eunbi and not Eunbyeol. Therefore he got confused and acted the way he did. LoveSchool2015 about Tae Kwang, yes some of the Taebi shipper are leaning towards him because of his background but its not just that. Taebi shippers ship Taebi because Gong Tae-Kwang accepted Lee Eun-Bi from the very beginning and has done so much romantic gestures to show that she is not alone and how he cared for her. He was willing to go against his dad for her and from the very beginning always helped her out. Despite being rejected once he still stayed with her throughout everything. That is why Taebi shipper love Gong Tae-Kwang. Oh man, you know what? I seriously don't get why you guys reckon Eun Bi and Yi An should be together T-T I think Eun Byul deserves Yi An, besides the 10 year friendship thing she hides all her feelings unlike Eun Bi. Eun Bi lets it all out right? So naturally she's more liked too and all that because she seems more human and also she is nicer than Eun Byul but everyone seems to forget the fact that HanYi An only saved Eun Bi because of Eun Byul and truthfully if Yi An knew Eun Bi as a random girl in his class without looking identical to Eun Byul he probably wouldn't like her T. T I'm feeling sympathic to Eun Byul.. Eun Byul seriously deserves a good ending because ugh she gave up so much : Eun Bi gained so much as Eun Byul.. Lastly, I hope no pairings will be done at the end huhuhuhu I can't bear to watch TaeKwang see his love with another man or something.. I hope it's a friendly ending and that all misunderstandings are cleared.. It seem like Eunbi's feeling for Yiah is stronger than she is with Teakang as show in ep 15 3 An yes, it doesnt matter if YiAh spent ten years with Eunblyn and diss her out last minute. Did u see the way Eunblyn TREAT YiAh?? She treat him too harsh and cruel despite his affection for her. For those who think YiAh feeling change too fast. I have a childhood friend myself. He treat me as romantic as YiAh did, but in the end we only stay as friend because of the time we spend too much with each other, we end up seeing each other as sibling instead. It is hard not too because Yiah and Eunblyn been there with each other for so long, theycan't see each other as romantic partner. They must both confuse with their feeling. Watching ep 15 really make me so sad. The love story of eun byul just like mine. I think eun byul will be too sorry later. Thanks PD-nim 4 make me remember my story so i can remember why i am really disbelief man's love. Go eun byul, fightiing!! Keep smile 2 cover all of your pain... Yi An never liked Eun Bi. He only ran and got hurt to save Eun Byeol's reputation remember?? He said it himself. The whole time he was only thinking of Eun Byeol. On the other hand Tae Kwang tries really hard and you can definitely see his love for Eun Bi. It will really disappoint me if Eun Bi and Tae Kwang doesn't not end up together. And Yi An should not be confuse and find his love for Eun Byeol again. School 2015 Ep 15 ratings: Nationwide: 7. I've said that, just give us more scene of Taekwan with Eunbi this drama will get more high rating. If ending of this drama Yian with Eunbi, it's really bad story. It's better make all of them as best friend. Just let Yi An with Eun Bi in the end: It would be the best ending! And if you can make Tae Kwang and Eun Byeoul closer, I think it would be great ending. Guys, We don't know how and when we fall in love, just open the chance for them to get know each other. Seriously, not everyone will get pissed if Eun Bi and Yi An together: and if you can't deal about it, don't watch. Think again, you can't force your heart to love somebody, you just have to follow your heart: sorry for my bad english, ; Wooaahh... Lucky you Han Yi An you got Eun Byul as your best friend and now Eun Bi as a lover? Poor Taek Gwang I feel so sorry for him.. I am a TaeBi shipper and this ep breaks my heart.. Well let just hope that Eun Bi will gonna end up with nobody and they will remain friends.. Taek Gwang and Eun Bi as best friends and Yi An and Eun Byul as best friends. I think that's the best ending rather than seeing someone hurt.. I want a happy ending.. I'm just gonna answer all of those YiBi shippers who says nonsense. Eun Bi didn't see your precious Yi An as a lover though, considering Eun Bi knows that Yi An likes her because he thought she was Eun Byul. It's like you ship Pizza with no cheese considering Pizzas will be awful without cheese. And they needed a hell lot of time to just accept who you are?. FOR GOD'S SAKE, Yi An loves Eun Byul, and he was devastated when the changed Eun Byul was actually Eun Bi. And he needed a freakingly hell a lot of time just to freakingly accept it. Child love is not real 'Love'.. We're not talking about CHILD LOVE here, it's CHILDHOOD FRIEND THAT TURNS TO BE LOVERS kinda love. I think it will be yian and eunbi and I hope thats how it will be. I think eunbi is the little girl yian met at the swimming pool because eunbyul keeps saying shes not the same little girl to him. I also think eunbyul only sees yian as a brother and eunbi only feels sorry towards taekwang. But they could all end up just being friends likr school 2013 no one really ended up as a couple. Anyway this drama has been great from start. Nata plot twist can happen... Bread, Love and Dreams King Baker Kim Takgu is the perfect example of second male lead got the first female lead as his woman while the first male lead got the second female lead as his woman... BUT this drama is about school life.. I like Yian and Eunbi but if they're together, I feel unfair for both Eunbyeol and Taekwang.. In order to get the best ending for all Eun Bi should open her heart to Tae Kwang while Yi An must get back to his senses and confess his long love to Eun Byul. YiBi shipper is selfish : YiBi shipper lost their mind. Yi An should be loyal and go back to Eun Byul if Yi An end with Eun Bi that would be tragic and not fair for Eun Byul. Nata the boy over flowers is the girl like the first boy then develop a feeling for the SECOND boy which is lee min ho!! It BOUT the girl if u gonna say ohh yi an like eun buyl then he develop feeling for eun bi! Well no bc in dis drama it not about yi an, it BOUT the TWIN!!!!!!!! Even tho i said that but it doesnt mean i dont like yi an i love him Sorry, im only express my opion, i appreciate ur opion!!! I NEED TO SEE YI AN AND EUN BI END UP TOGETHER! Ugh, PD-nim, Writer-nim, Don't change the story line please. Let Yi An and Eun Bi together. Why you guys can't accept the fact that Yi An will end up with Eun Bi? Why you guys love Taekwang and Eun Bi together? It doesn't mean I don't like Taekwang, I just thinking it over and over, Taekwang is like another second male in the previous dramas, like You Are Beautiful, Boys over flowers, and others. Why you guys can't accept that? I sick to hear TaeBi, like are you serious? Taekwang is the second male and you have to agree with that. I'm sorry for my bad eng, and please don't bash me. While watching this drama, seems like writer-nim never shows Eun Byul true feelings towards Yi An. I'm not sure whether Eun Byul likes Yi An as a close friend or as a boyfriend. This reminds me of Hindi movie, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I was mad when Shah Rukh choose Rani over Kajol sorry offtopic. And I was very angry when Kajol still choose Shah Rukh over Salman Khan at the end because of love. And two episodes left. I'm prepared for any possibilities. Yeah, Tea is so cute n he had a great effort on protecting eunbi so he is worthy of having at least a person who really loves him. Last but not least, it would be happy ending for yiah and eunbuyl. It will be so unfair if eunbyul has to be suffer for all of pain like this. Hope that all of characters would be happy at the end! I am enjoying reading everyone's opinion in here but I can't believe that a lot has been hating on Yian omg XD I am rooting for GongtaexEunbi but I'm not hating on Yian hahaha I think he's just confused or something. Who knows, maybe he'll just thank Eunbi in the last part of ep 14 then offers some closure since they fought real hard and ask for her help to get Gongbyul XD lol -daydreaming at its finest- If he ever choose Eunbi and throws away his feelings for Gongbyul in the end, which is freakishly unacceptable... You showed how Yian likes Gongbyul so much and then you're going to ruin that? Ugh, can you not- lol. Snap out of it. Don't make me frown anymore, stop doing things that are heartbreaking gdi I feel bad ;;;; But yeah I believe, I BELIEVEEEEEE~~ lol that Gongtae is not like the second male lead who breaks our heart like oahbdcihdqbchwf. I also believe that the story flow is made enough to root for Gongtae. WRITER NIMS DONT DISAPPOINT US HUHUHU YiBi shippers I respect your opinions and all but WOOOOOO TAEBI TILL THE END!!! I must agree that Eunbi -TK is not love. Eunbi just feel sorry to TK because Tk is so lonely. Of course there is a chance for that sorry feeling turn to love but very unlikely. No matter what the best that can happen to Eun bi n TK is friend... N now what left is Yian, eunbi and Eunbyul n the most possibility is Eunbi and Yian because this time Eunbyul will give happiness to his sister after rough life Eun bi have in the past... Firstly, I don't think Eun Bi love Yi An. She just feel sorry for lying to him and add the fact that she indirectly cause him into an accident that is why she felt that is was her responsibility to help in Yi An recovery and also to reply YI An love for her dead sister sake she accept the medal and place it at Eun Byul cemetery. She already knew at the very beginning that the one Yi An love is Eun Byul it will be really interesting to see if Eun Bi will able to take YI An away from her sister. For Yi An case that was already explained many time. He love Eun Byul he thought Eun Bi was Eun Byul and that's why. I agree with ri hyo that Yi An feel dejected after all these while having to love Eun Byul all by himself and get few respond from Eun Byul that was Eun Byul character after all doesn't mean Eun Byul doesn't love Yi An just she having problem expressing her feeling and all of a sudden a new soft version of Eun Byul appear right before him. At the end Yi An as usual Yi An is running away like a coward instead of confessing her long time love for Eun Byul he choose the easier route because he think Eun Bi would be easier. For those who think it was Eun Byul fault for taking Eun Bi place and therefore Eun Bi should end with Yi An is wrong too. If the incident did not take place I doubt they would even be as close friend as they were now. They become close friend because of Eun Byul. Who know if Eun Bi was the one who get adopted earlier on she might even not able to get close to Yi An as much as Eun Byul? Maybe Eun Bi and Tae Kwang will become childhood best friend instead back then who know? Yi An only start to like Eun Bi as herself when he start calling her Eun Bi the part when he change his contact name from Eun Byul to Eun Bi show his acceptance to Eun Bi. So all this while the one he really love is Eun Byul. I don't think Yi An relationship with Eun Byul were simply childhood best friend. He running all the way to the camp just to see Eun Byul. Eun Byul at the bus was so happy hearing the new Yi An won the competition again there you can see Eun Byul love for Yi An and hide her feeling when Song Joo were curious what is she listening to she doesn't want even her bff Song Jo to know she like Yi An. Eun Byul is a typical Asian girl character. I wanted Yi An with Eun Byul because I like Yi An character the most and cute when he was with Eun Byul also the part he thinking Eun Bi was Eun Byul. He become a total mess when he discover Eun Bi wasn't Eun Byul. PD if you decide in the end to have one couple only then please let it be YiByul I don't mind Eun Bi and Tae Kwang with no pairing. I don't understand why people ship TaeBi considering Eun Bi loves Yi An and vice versa. So, according to the shippers, Eun Bi should love Tae just because he loves her? I don't wanna be rude but that's just forceful love then. I don't think so :P no matter how nice he is, and we know that too nice guys aren't it! They've been best friends all these years, not lovers. After so long, if a guy finds better matching his personality then he goes for it. Got to be realistic, are you going to wait thousand years because of your one sided love? At some point, you'll be fed up. Maybe everyone will stay single and shippers are bashing each other for nothing! I think someone said in the comments, that maybe they will all just end up being close friends. One thing we can all agree on is that it is too bad that we only have two episodes left to see. Awesome drama and cast! Are you guys know? At the first Yian thought Eunbi is Eunbyul. That's why Yian always protect and in Eunbi side. But when he know she's not eunbyul but eunbi, he mad and don't want talk with eunbi. He can't accept it. He only love eunbyul. And now Yian falling in love with eunbi? Eunbi must think Yian loving Eunbyul not her. Ofcourse because eunbyul is back and TaeBi scene the rating went up. Taekwang is leading on eps 13-14. TaeBi and YiByul are the happy couple, they can fill each other. Yibi is bored lah. Just like Gong Kitae and Haena. They're look so cute and funny because Kitae is afraid with his gf. PD-nim please end up TaeBi together so will you get more high rating. Trust meee Are you guys know? At the first Yian thought Eunbi is Eunbyul. That's why Yian always protect and in Eunbi side. But when he know she's not eunbyul but eunbi, he mad and don't want talk with eunbi. He can't accept it. He only love eunbyul. And now Yian falling in love with eunbi? Eunbi must think Yian is love Eunbyul not her. Ofcourse because eunbyul is back and TaeBi scene the rating went up. Taekwang is leading on eps 13-14. Trust me, TaeBi and YiByul are happy couple, they can fill each other. Just like Gong Kitae and Haena. They're look so cute and funny because Kitae is afraid with his gf. I don't understand people who say Eun byul would be better if she end with tae kwang. I mean they dont know each other And plus they Also dont like each other. WHerever they say they would be interesting or other things, the fact is that they dont have any conection toguether so that relationship would be forced And not real. I think i would prefer then Eun byul without anyone more Than a forced relationship with tae kwang -. Also is true if yi han can change his love so easly, why Eun bi cannot?. Either way I cannot understand how suddenly yi Han like eun bi since in the past episodes I just saw thAt he really hated her for lying him on being aun byul thought so. I wanted to answer some questions of other people: -Who is the stalker in the toilette? One friend of Eun byul ask Eun byul what was happening to Her but lo oks like Eun byul had one of those freak moment that she thought it was soo in, but in really was Her friend the one who things tae kwang likes Her. That friend thought that Eun byul maybe was talking on the phone. The episode who explain this should be around ep 5-8 now I don't remember very well. Have you seen ep 13? Eun byul herself say she was on the orphanage were she had been when she was little. I think is similar to Eun bi orphanage but in different places. Have you seen ep 14? Eun bi see the outcast from her school, the one she defended. That girl told her that while she was going out from school saw Eun bi name sticker, and then while walking saw a corpse but didn't know if it was really Eun bi, but she thought she can make kang soo pay for her bad behaviour and bullyng by making that corpse be Eun bi's one so she put Eun bi name on it Eun byul it not so powerful whatever , just there are more people inmplicated with their own reasons -why eun byul left the field trips? Because she was searching for her sister eunbi, after the toilet accident eun byul get out of the toilet and then there she saw eun bi, so she just follow her. Well in ep 13 is explained that she saw her sister bullying and comiting suicide so she rescue eun bi and take her to the hospital, there they told her that eun bi lost memory so eun byul thougt it was better change her lifestyle meaning bullying sucked etc.. Other Questions were already answered by Daniel Hope it helps. Sorry if it's bad writing but since I have automatic corrector I can't help it T. T cim the only one scene I remember of Eun Byul and Tae Kwang is when Tae Kwang get a head stick slap from Eun Byul when he mistake her as Eun Bi and act friendly kkk... YiBi mind to explain in detail how Eun Bi change Yi An life? He literally is living the same life since episode 1 or are you talking about the rehab thing? Eun Byul influence Yi An life more if you ask me. He do his best to fulfill their promise make me sick when he decided to give his medal to Eun Bi in last scene of episode 14 they made when they were child back then. Eun Byul is the driving force and source of motivation for Yi An look at him when he found out Eun Byul is missing he can't concentrate in his competition. Ghd probably the PD giving us more TaeBi scene in the this week knowing that there is too strong TaeBi shipper out there. Probably to compensate the TaeBi shipper and also at the same time getting good rating so that it a win-win situation. If he do YiBi scene this week I bet next week rating will feel kkk... Eun Byol told her mum when making a comeback episode 13 that she went to her orphanage Love House and live there couldn't recall the orphanage name properly Who is the person stalking Eun Byul I know with the text it was Mi-Joo's older sister but the stalker on the Field Trip was definitely not Mi-Joo's unnie. Very likely is all teacher Jung doing. Did she transfer or just stopped attending school? Kim Bora already transferred to another school her role literally end on episode 3. Who know in the final episode she might come back and actually start to get along well and making friend in proper way. How Eun Byul found out that she has a twin was it due to the article on the newspaper? Since the day her mum adopt her she knew it. Her mum mention she met her the one her mum meet is Eun Bi she mistaken it that why Eun Byul feel sorry for Eun Bi for taking away what belong to her before during their first encounter at orphanage. Remember Eun Byul alway sending goods and cloth to Eun Bi using her mum name? Taebi exactly what in my mind all these while and it really bother me a lot the situation is really weird. Yi An please get back to your senses I think he stole and drink his dad soju he is all sober. Anyway Eun Byul is a very special person for him. Seeing how Yi An was so mad at Eun Byul at the bridge the night before and then the next morning he give up and forgive her already maybe out of fear that he might receive a bitch slap from Eun Byul kkk... I actually like this soft side of Yi An the way he treat Eun Byul unlike how he tormented Eun Bi and act like a jerk. That is not working for me thought kkk... I welcome back you to reality yeah I know we are discussing DRAMA here. Btw Tae Kwang also had a sweet date with Eun Bi. Those Anti TaeBi fans should stop saying they are the pity pairing. Never did we fans of the pair establish that, but all those who don't like the pair and it's rude. We don't like them because we pity Tae Gwang nor Eun Bi , we want them because Tae Gwang fell for Eun Bi as Eun Bi while Yi An began to like her thinking she was Eun Byul. We love Tae Gwang because he is a complex character with much depth a lot of that goes to the actor, he is fantastic and has a hard time expressing his feelings like, the male version of Eun Byul xD but with Eun Bi he begins to open up and change himself. He makes Eun Bi happy and smile and is always there for her. So stop naming them pity pair, because otherwise we will tend to call YOUR pairing names that you don't want to hear. And believe me, there are a lot of negative words and adjectives I would connect with Yi An and Eun Bi's relationship. So just don't do it and be happy quietly or in a nice way. But then, Yi An saw Eun Bi and Tae Kwang, i was in cheering mode! You should learn how to love only one person... Look at ratings, aside from Eun Byul return, TAEBI moments sure contribute the most! Honestly tell me YIBI shippers, on what basic you guys keep making Yi An a victims to this love triangle? Actually why Yi An and Eun Bi should ended up together other than assumption than they are the lead and likes each other? Eun Byul likes Yi An no matter as frenz or loved one, for sure Yi An means a lot to Eun Byul that why she fears if Yi An knew what she did to Soo In, and she believe Yi An enough to tell it loud to that witch face! He love is Eun Byul first.. When Eun Byul missing remember how sad he is that he cant even participate in his important competition Yes, she did the same for Eun Bi but that different, see his eyes.. BUT, now writer-nim make his heart going on other direction... Seriously, after all those sweet things he done, now he just treat Eun Byul like a friends who not meant much! When he meet Eun Bi at hospital, he said 'all that matters is Eun Byul back' not to mention he even hug Eun Bi who he think Eun Byul , however when real Eun Byul back not as missing person but as death person he act all upset and even blaming her without listen to her story first! For sure, this is not Han Yi An that love Eun Byul! Okey, i do understand.. That when he start to loves nice and sweet Eun Byul more than rude Eun Byul.. But, he still think that one is Eun Byul that he love no matter how different her personality.. Then the truth arise, he start to comparing Eun Byul and Eun Bi! For him now, he's the only one who keep being patience, being understanding, worries all those 10 years while Eun Byul just treat him harsh and not cared much which 200% not true! He getting flutters, happy, feel valued when Eun Bi being the one who follow him around, cared for him and always besides him.. This is why i being dissapointed with Yi An! Throw away 10 years love that simple? That pathetic and selfish! After 10 years, he still cannot understand Eun Byul? Cannot see how much she cared for him behind those rough treatment? That so blind of you.. Eun Bi, she loves Yi An for sure! She knew that Yi An love Eun Byul and all those worries and protective action because he think she is Eun Byul! Not blaming her for that.. So, do you think Eun Bi could accept Yi An hearts without thinking about Eun Byul? Lets say she did, they won't be happy forever ever after bcoz who knew when Yi An would switch his feeling again.. And why Eun Bi cannot change her mind, her hearts when Yi An could do so? That 10 years love means nothings so why monthly love means somethings? How long Eun Bi could resist Tae Kwang hearts when she knew that Yi An hearts once belong to her sister? She getting flusttered in the end of the eps.. Even its just a sympathy at first its can turn to love when Tae Kwang is the one who make her smile, make her being comfortable, make her being herself.. Yes, i knew the percentage of Eun Bi and Tae Kwang being together is low but that not impossible! In facts, that would be awesome when this drama don't follow typical kdrama ending female lead ended up with male lead who keep hurting her instead of choosing knight second male lead.. Only two eps left.. So its won't be awkward when Eun Bi come to Sekang High School.. Imagine Yi An who everyone knew likes Eun Byul suddenly couple with Eun Bi while Tae Kwang, just watching as good friends of Eun Bi... And Eun Bi shold be with Tae Kwang because he deserve it, because of what he did and truly love Eun Bi when Yi An hearts go here and there.. Yi An and Eun Bi moments is the sweetest when Yi An still think Eun Bi is Eun Byul.. So sorry for harsh comment.. RESPECT EACH OTHERS PLEASE.. They love each other, this is simple reason. YiAhn-EunBi had a lot of sweet dates, heartfluttering moment: With TaeKwang just in 13-14 she had some scene as friends. Their pair would be illogical and unbelievable, pity-couple... She rejected him a lot and always miss YA bear, medal, their memories, in Seoul she went to YA first. Why TK-EBi why would be together??? Because he is alone, lonely??? He can open up to others not only EBi in the world , he can get friends. He have to move on, because he is wonderful person, who deserves more affectionate girlfriend than EunBi. Please be rational, not obsessed with TaeKwang... YiBi forever:D Taebi should end up together. Tae Kwang was always by Eun Bi. He fell in love with her because she's Eun bi, not Eun Byeol. Tae Kwang acepted Eun bi from the start. He helped her and cause care who she is, it's good that the writer are giving us a lot of Taebi moment. But the writer is also twisting it. Like it's episode 14 now and it's still between Yi an and Tae kwang. In the latest episode, we could tell that Eun bi is starting to fell for Tae kwang. Eun Byeol is Yi an childhood friend, it's true that the year should matter. But he felt in love with Eun Byeol first. He though that Eun bi was Eun byeol, when he figured out that she wasn't Eun byeol, he got mad and couldn't acept Eun bi. But now he likes her?!?! U liked Eun byeol for year and in a few month u like her sister? Yi An didn't acept Eun bi from the start. Yi An needs to clean his act, he easily got jealous. If the writer for just gonna pair up YiBi. Why don't just make everybody friend. Then we will have less sadness when the show is over. Did she transfer or just stopped attending school?